Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club

What's happening to the posts

Mary - 4-12-2019 at 09:48 AM

:( I am just as hopeless but no one seems to post stuff much any more. Winston joined facebook so I can access Highland pony pics and news ( he also joined a cookery group but hay doesn't seem to feature much so disappointing) . Is it because trying to put photos up here is so challenging? I can't even begin to try after attempts in the past. I don't know enough about Facebook and its rules but could the HPEC join as a closed group, but could it still accept membership fees??? I don't know, would more people post comments if it were on facebook but the downside, would it open up to an element who like to become unpleasant? Why did the Friendly Highland Pony Group have to emphasise it was 'friendly' ? What happened?? Any thoughts?

FoxyThyme - 4-12-2019 at 09:07 PM

I wrote a reply but the forum ditched it as I posted. The few of us who were still posting on the forum wished to Keep in touch if it was closed down so a FB group was set up. see u2u

vakizz - 5-12-2019 at 03:00 PM

Mary I have been trying to contact you re joining our facebook group. Can you give me your facebook page/name please and I can message you and explain. I know it is disappointing re the forum, but it isn't only the photos being difficult to upload, its also that the platform is old and is failing. Many people were uploading posts and they were disappearing and I think in the end they gave up. I think I was just lucky as I had an old android pc so was able to continue. Unfortunately I think that because people can take pics and instantaneously share them from their phones etc. they are not going to go back to having to upload to a third party site and photobucket etc especially as they keep changing the way you upload and the ads are awful. Our site on facebook is a "hidden" group, which cannot be searched for so your info is as secure as possible, which actually this forum is not anymore. Its saying Not secure in red in my top bar. Do come and join us, you will enjoy it and meeting up with old friends.