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Tinypics test

Lysander - 8-9-2017 at 08:11 PM

vakizz - 8-9-2017 at 08:33 PM

Hey it worked :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Lysander - 8-9-2017 at 08:40 PM

I thought I'd try again and I did it

Lysander - 8-9-2017 at 09:07 PM

I've even managed to get my avatar back

vakizz - 9-9-2017 at 09:24 AM

Its a bit annoying with pop up ads etc. but at least you can download and post pics on here and it is the only place that it has to be done like this now and hopefully in the future will be resolved. There are other ones. I only dip in and out now and then and have to say they don't seem to keep updating or messing about like photobucket do. There are others like Flickr, but I've not used that one. Lots of pics now please.:banana:

Midge - 10-9-2017 at 09:38 AM

I'm going to have to try this too :banana::banana:

Katherine - 11-9-2017 at 07:54 AM

good tip I'll have a play :clap: