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[Resolved] Changing login name

Nik and Mary - 12-9-2004 at 10:10 AM

Hi Claire, i sent you a U2U, just wondering if you got it??
It was about chaning my username by using my MSN e-mail address instead of my usual one. Or can you change my username 'backstage'?

[Edited on 4-10-2004 by Claire]

Claire - 28-9-2004 at 09:19 PM

Hi Nik
Sorry I haven't been back to you sooner, but its the first time I've been able to get to the board for ages. Unfortunately yours is a complex problem and I'll need quite a bit of time to sit down and figure it out- something thats been fairly well lacking recently!!

I haven't forgotten though and hopefully I can get onto it sooner rather than later.

:D Claire