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Idea from Sally Swift's second book

Jeanette - 8-4-2014 at 12:49 PM

I’ve started reading Sally Swift’s second book. (Not available in this country but can be bought via amazon and ships from the US). It’s written in a slightly different style than her first book. More explanations and less imagery…although there is still plenty of imagery. The style of the book suits me better than her first book. The book follows several years from teaching her method and finding different ways of explaining things (to people like me I guess!). She also explains why imagery works better than technical explanations ….in many cases as it uses a different part of the brain and reduces the tension created from over thinking .

In this book she’s still advocating soft eyes, breathing, stacking the building blocks in your spine and centering as her 4 basics. However the book also introduces a few other thoughts to how to achieve good balance.

One of the ideas I find helpful is her idea of dropping a ball from your upper chest into your pelvis. I have a tendency (if not concentrating) to ride a bit top heavy and to breath shallowly. I find the ball idea sorts this out and seems to help me relax my shoulders and check that my seat bones are properly on the saddle. Apparently when she was teaching Sally would quite often call out to her students “the ball!” and that simple instruction would save a movement.

(sorry if the photo comes out wrong orientation ..I have rotated it in photobucket but it can take a while for the correction to upload)

Julie - 8-4-2014 at 09:00 PM

There are centred riding instructors in.the uk! Met one the other day

Rebecca - 9-4-2014 at 09:03 AM

I am a great fan of Sally Swift's ideas. Like Julie I was delighted to discover there are UK based instructors who work with her priciples and values. If you search in the main website there are separate entries for Scotland, Wales and England - this is the list for England. It is something I would like to explore further when funds allow.